Jam orange

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Chocolate cake with orange
270 - - -
Very gentle and very, very chocolate cake. It is not complicated.
Semolina for dessert
234 5 20м 3
Ordinary porridge can be so beautifully presented that no one will refuse such a bright, delicious Breakfast!
Lenten oatmeal cookies orange
217 - 30м 8
Vegetable cakes are not as fluffy and good as butter, but much healthier and very tasty. For example, these oatmeal cookies lean. This honey spirit was standing in the kitchen while they baked! Biscuits, lean and fast layer will match those who postwait, and those who are sympathizing with fasting. Even the daughter sitting on a diet, refused. You help yourself!
Biscuits "Banana Whoopie"
191 - 60м 10
Whoopi is a widespread in America dessert. They are called cake, cookies, pie. This recipe is borrowed from the magazine "Deli". Presented to your attention Whoopi have a pronounced banana flavor, thanks to them in the dough, delicious, soft, with a thick layer of cream layer. A very good morning with a Cup of strong coffee.
The loaf "Golden autumn"
189 - - -
Gentle, sweet, fragrant. With Golden fall color.
Cake "desert rose"1 from Pierre Herme
187 - 720м 16
Every season has its specialities. Winter, spring, summer, autumn... Each time of year comply with its products, their combinations. Now outside of November. I live in Moscow, and the weather kept us from mid-October until March. But I recall my childhood... So it was only in November: the snow, or wet snow, it gets dark early, late dawns... And want something warm, soft, comfortable... In November my dad and grandparents OTHERS (the grandmother is 91!), and it just so happened that I bake something exclusive for them. This cake recipe is French pastry chef Pierre Herme is the best complement for tea in this cold season. The recipe is taken from Nina of Nixie, for which many thanks to her!

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