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Lobster "Thermidor"
1.3k - - -
Lobster "Thermidor" - a dish of meat of lobster in a wonderful sauce of cream, egg yolks, mustard and cognac. It was created in 1894 at the Paris restaurant "Chez Marie" in honor of the premiere of the play "Thermidor" by the film Director by victorien Sardou. I took the liberty to recede a little from the classic recipe. What came out of it – decide for yourself. You are all invited to a lobster!
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A delicious dish of Greek cuisine! Lobster with delicious flavorful spaghetti. One of the most expensive dishes on any Greek fish restaurant.
Cream soup of lobster
420 - 90м 4
I understand that lobster is not a very frequent guest on our tables, but the recipe is great and lobster so, you can take on large shrimp or crayfish. This soup is amazing and refined taste, serve it on a festive dinner in small bowls before the main dishes!
Stuffed lobster
299 - 40м 2
Perhaps lobster might be bad???
Lobster with lemon butter sauce
287 - 20м 2
Lobster is not only delicious, but also beautiful! It is clear that not every day we get lobsters. But sometimes you can arrange a holiday – a romantic dinner by candlelight. Especially when there is a reason – 20 years since I crossed the border of India.
Lobster "petit pagaille"
246 - 80м 6
Here again, will show you the recipe of the lobster. Found the recipe online, but altered it as I didn't have the required spices. It turned out delicious! The name of the dish did not change, as it replaced a little. I understand that lobster is an unusual product, but suddenly you meet him.

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