Miso paste

What to cook from Miso paste more

Pork "Honore"
277 - 40м 2
One of the 4-5 Chinese dishes, almost certainly present in Japanese restaurants Chinese food. Moreover, very often the dish with the same name can be found in canteens and other such establishments. It rather resembles some kind of gruel, but still very tasty
Miso steak
253 - 120м 2
For new year's table offer to cook a very tender and unusual meat medium in miso marinade! Come on - tell me how!
Soup "Ramen" with duck
244 - 240м 5
Ramen with duck is a delicious Japanese soup. Duck ramen turns out very fragrant and fine, and in combination with noodles and pickled egg we get delicious, nutritious and very pretty entree!
Miso soup with tofu and shrimp
205 5 15м -
On the eve of his birthday, I confessed to friends that cook at home sushi and rolls. Nobody even doubted that my birthday will land, and, of course, not in the restaurant and at home! But to cheat rolls for, though small, but still crowds of adults, not light. So, I decided to diversify the menu, miso soup, salads and Japanese-style shrimp. And rolls, of course. But first the soup. Many cooks online know about my love for tofu, of course, it is in the soup. And shrimp, crab meat, leeks, wood mushrooms and daikon. Nothing more. Full-bodied, tangy taste. Great start to the dinner in the Japanese style.
Japanese soup with Tofu
202 5 10м 2
One of the recipes easy Japanese soup with Tofu
Solyanka in Japanese
199 - 70м 5
Escanaba-Shire. "the Shire" in Japanese means "soup" and "estaba" translates literally as "the pot around" (in Japanese is not strong, therefore, we believe the Internet). That is, in fact, Estaba-shiru soup, into which you can put anything your heart and that there is in the fridge. In fact, it is the Japanese equivalent is known and beloved by many halophytes.

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