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What to cook from Algae more

Sea grapes in Sakhalin
485 - 40м 5
One of my good friend, each time returning from vacation from Sakhalin, brought sea grapes. She claimed this seaweed salad on Sakhalin, many cook at home, and even in supermarkets it is sold. The dish is very interesting. It tastes something between a stew with ferns and seaweed. Long could not understand what his doing. And last year alone saw - Sargasso seaweed! Yes, they on any beach more than sand! Since I started to cook this dish myself. I want to share the recipe.
Sushi cake Chuka
485 - 60м 8
To minimize the sushi and rolls require certain skills and experience. And the sushi cake is made much easier and faster. Bright, festive, beautiful, hearty and easy dish. All the nuances of preparation, you can see in the video.
352 - 30м 3
Very easy to prepare and hearty dish, the main thing quickly, and is liked by everyone. We love him even children.
Verrini Japanese-style "lost in translation"
237 - 60м 5
Continue to enjoy your set of Marinov and benefit from it. Today, my engineering thought turned towards me his beloved Japanese cuisine. If we ask the Japanese to do sushi in a glass, he will see us mad. But for Europeans, this option can be very attractive. Elegant form, effective presentation and the taste of real sushi!
Jap soup
236 - 35м 3
A delicious soup based on soy sauce, with added mushrooms, nori and kelp, is very useful after the winter holidays. Very easy and quick recipe!
Maki-sushi at home
221 5 - -
Husband ordered rolls. This time made three with different fillings. Share the recipe and experience.

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