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What to cook from Herring more

Salad Elegant
459 - 25м -
Delicious and expensive salad on the holiday table. Delight Your guests! Eat lightning!!! And ask for the recipe...
Couscous with seafood
449 4 15м 2
Usually all seafood garnish rice, I decided to make couscous, so the dish is prepared in minutes. Done on 23 February, as my husband is a big fan of seafood. If you are not indifferent to them - welcome!
Salad "Storm"
377 - 30м 4
... during a storm on the coast makes a large number of mollusks and marine reptiles. And in this moment to merge land and sea! This salad combines both elements: the earth and the sea and created a delicious tandem. Observe here the proportions!!! And fast health!
Salad "Desert island"
376 5 30м 2
Men!!! I come to You!!! With the proposal. Prepare this salad to their wives, the girls just loved on March 8! To prepare it very easy, and the salad very tasty. Thanks You provided. Well, I will take part in the contest "Scarlett March 8".
Mushrooms Tremella and seafood fried with vegetables in Chinese
356 3 40м 6
Love roasted vegetables with seafood in different variations. Especially in summer when full of fresh vegetables for every taste, this recipe. In the winter I use a ready mix frozen vegetables
Seafood braised in white wine
317 - 35м 2
How can I, living in the far East, to do without your favorite seafood. Offer you the recipe for seafood cocktail cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY. Just warning you, do not worry, the seafood does not become "rubber ". The dish is versatile, can be eaten both hot and cold.

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