What to cook with shallots

Braised rabbit with mushroom sauce
Rabbit in wine sauce with shallots
Chicken "Mahoney"
Rolls of pork with apricots and pistachios
Beef cubes with bell peppers, asparagus, pudding made from buckwheat and mushroom sauce
Tomato soup with rice and mussels
Salmon croquettes of potatoes
Chicken legs braised in beer with prunes
Fennel stuffed with anchovies and vegetables
Swordfish with butter TARTAR
Red mullet with vegetables
Chicken in Apple cider
Steak bison "Inukshuk" with lentil salad
Eggplant with pea-vegetable filling
Chicken skewers with peanut sauce
Zucchini squash
Red fish with mushrooms and saffron "Neptune Day"
Seafood with saffron "Crocus Walnut"
Lamb chops in cider "Bag of apples"
Wedges of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese