What to cook with pesto

Baklazhanovy rolls with pesto and spaghetti
Pie with mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto
Blanca in wine sauce
Salad "Captain Vrungel"
The octopus tentacles
Muffins for Breakfast
Chicken Breasts in Italian
Vegetable pyramid "colors of summer"
Pasta with chicken and pesto
Veal with peppers and Pesto sauce
The Italy - Turkey roulade with..
Hot "Caprese" baked cod fillet
Casserole of salmon
Cavatelli with chicken in a creamy pesto sauce
Italian tomato and rice tart
Snack-sour cream cake-souffle "Pesto"
Pasta baked with meat
Appetizer " dreams of the Mediterranean"
Baked Dorado fish with pesto sauce
Risotto with tomatoes, arugula and pesto