What to cook with scallop

Parfait scallops
Salmon with scallops "A La Narcissus"
Cream soup with scallops
Salad of grapefruit and scallops
Fried scallops
Dish with seafood (Seafood Pasta)
The ear in Chinese
The scallops on the plancha potato with truffle oil
Salad of scallops with tomatoes
Scallops with mushrooms in cream sauce
Vol-AU-vents with scallops in orange sauce
Scallops for a loved one
Pomegranate Islands with spicy lime
Appetizer "Scallop wrapped in bacon"
Seafood with saffron "Crocus Walnut"
Scallops in the marinade "Mistral"
Scallops with bacon with butter sauce
Seafood with beans "Blues in the pocket"
The scallops and chicken