What to cook with scallop

Salad "Royal"
Warm salad of scallops "Cooper"
Pumpkin creme brulee with scallops
Stuffed Crab with cheese DorBlu
French soup "Bouillabaisse"
Terrine with salmon and seafood
Farfalle with scallops in a creamy cheese sauce
A Gourmet Twist
Salad with scallops
The scallops in mustard-mayonnaise filling
Scallops with rice "vest"
Rice noodles with scallops
Sea scallops with cranberry-lemon sauce
Scallop in sweet & sour sauce
Baked scallops
Fried scallop
Salad with scallops and dressing of mango
Scallops on the grill
Sauteed seafood
ATAPI seafood