What to cook with scallop

The scallops in mayonnaise-mustard sauce
Scallops in a spicy onion sauce
Sea scallops with wasabi-mayonnaise
Appetizer "Marine raznobrazie"
Scallops with mushrooms
Scallops with sauce "champagne"
Halibut with scallops in garlic cream sauce
Pilaf scallop
Skewers of seafood with honey
Marine meats
Skewers of seafood "Aquarium"
Salad "Expensive"
Salad-grilled scallop and vegetables
Baked sea scallop
Scallop in a creamy garlic sauce
Scallops in mustard marinade
Salad of scallops and bacon
Scallops wrapped in bacon
Squid stuffed with Spanish style
Eggs baked with scallops