What to cook with scallop

Salad "of the Marine artillery"
Fresh salad with marinated scallops
Salad "coral"
Spicy scallops grilled
Salad with grilled vegetables and scallops
Omelette with scallop
Sea scallops grilled in Thai style
Corn soup with scallops
Scallops in a creamy garlic sauce
Crispy envelope of pita bread with seafood
Baked rolls with scallops
Hodgepodge of seaweed "Taste of the sea"
Salad of scallops with Asian dressing
Scallops in the shells and cheese
Hearty Sunday Breakfast
Sea scallops with honey lemon sauce
Soup blue cheese with seafood
Pasta with scallops and shrimp
Scallops with rice in bowls