What to cook with goat cheese

Kaneuski cheese
Baked salmon and assorted cheese with grape leaves
Shrimp salad "of the Burning sea"
Chevre en Croute/Goat cheese in puff pastry
Roll "Special"
Mushrooms stuffed with "Zazerkalie"
Tartlets "Faberge"
Dessert "Night flower"
French sandwiches "warm goat cheese"
Soup "frost and sun"
Snack cake "snowflake"
Fish on the egg "will become" surprise
Eateries pate "One day"
Mushroom pie "Red Fox"
Quiche lorraine, or "Sweet kiss of summer"
Grilled vegetables with goat cheese
Chicken rolls stuffed with
Cake with figs
Salad with goat cheese and strawberries
Canape with pear and jamon