What to cook with muesli

Cheesecakes with granola
Biscuits with muesli
Oatmeal cookies
Cake without baking "Watermelon breeze"
Pancakes with granola and apples
Almost tiramisu
Biscuits "Magic wand"
Cupcake "Sorceress"
Biscuits-muesli with figs and apples
Fresh Bircher muesli
Oat Thaler
Bar "Muesli"
Biscuits "Suns"
Chocolate muesli
Salad "Fruit heart"
Fruit pizza no-bake "Peacock"
Morning muffins muesli
Honey yogurt with strawberries
Crumble cereal "Cribs, crabs, boom!"
Muesli pancakes in aerogrill