What to cook with chestnut

Casserole "Manicotti"
Beef stew with chestnuts and prunes
Petey in Sheki
Chicken with chestnuts
Meat balls with chestnuts and pomegranate
Quail (chickens) with sauce rose
Pork stewed with chestnuts and mushrooms
Pork in a sauce of port wine
Bratские wings with chestnuts
Pasta "reginelli" c sauce-stew
Roasted chestnuts
"Mille-feuille" of almond meringue and chestnut cream
Shirin dolma
Cream soup of chestnuts "the 20th century begins"
Pilaf "Shah"
Roll of chestnuts from Sophia Loren
Azerbaijani pilaf "From Mpdata"
Pie with curd and candied chestnuts "Chestnuts. Autumn. Caramel"
Chestnuts in a cheese crust