What to cook with sprouts

The Salad "Basket"
Salad "Gourmand"
Salad with wheat germ and mozzarella
Vegetable salad "Vitamin"
Cucumber gazpacho with shrimp
Chicken with shrimp
Farfalle with pumpkin and Golden gram sprouts
The Korean salad from sprouted wheat
Salad "Bean mandala"
Salad "Delight"
Salad "Dinner athlete"
Canape with the sprouts
Salad with sprouts Masha
Salad "Storm"
Salad with arugula and sprouts soya beans
"Carpaccio" cucumber
Shrimp marinated in Thai
Rice with spicy vegetables in coconut milk
Chicken with cashews and mushrooms in teriyaki sauce
Romantic rice with vegetables Oriental