What to cook with opara

Pancakes from grandma
Homemade bread "Muller under the hood"
Rye bread "Three!"
Drunken bread
KARELIAN bread (the most delicious bread baked by me so far)
Wheat bread with mustard
Crescent rolls with apples from the Mexican test
Easter Bunny with poppy filling
Almond cake "tenderness"
Buns "the Roman ciriola"
The sourdough bread with cheese
Savory pie with peppers "Fire"
Vyborg muffin with jam according to GOST
Buns "Daugavina" sponge method
Obschepitovskih fried the pies
Ukrainian bagels
Round loaf with plum and raisins
Pies buns with green onion and egg
Berry tart with mascarpone
Leningrad loaf