What to cook with halibut

Salad "For You"
Salmon under crumbles of smoked halibut
Halibut with mushroom cap
Fish roll "Nymph"
Halibut in the green shell
The halibut pies
Ear with egg yolks and garlic
"Valentine" with halibut in cheese souffle
Fish fillet "Sole pleasure"
Tartlets with seafood "Wasabi"
Skewers of seafood marinated in orange
Burgers "chopped" of salmon and halibut
Paella with chicken, seafood and halibut fillets
Pilaf with fish
Halibut, poached in vegetable cushion
Smoked kebab of the two fish species
Steaks halibut in fragrant breadcrumbs
Halibut in cheese and mayonnaise cream