What to cook with vanilla pod

Creamy dessert "Berry"
Panna cotta
Vanilla Bavarian cream with orange salad
Panna cotta ai loti
Duck meat with vanilla
Easter cake with chocolate
Easter bread-cake
Pie with apricots and coconut
Cake "Napoleon" in Odessa
Biscuit "Perfect"
Spicy rice porridge with coconut milk
Rice casserole-shifter with caramel pineapple
Pie with rhubarb and raspberries "TIC-TAC-toe"
Biscuits "Snowflakes"
Lemon cake with strawberries in wine
Berry tart with vanilla filling
Pancakes with blueberries and spelt flour
Homemade vanilla extract
Vanilla risotto with nectarines
Tart "Caramel pear"