What to cook with flour almond

Almond cake with white chocolate
Granny's pie
Cake-Crostata with gooseberry jam
Almond tart-Apple
Almond poppy seed cookies
Biscuit "La Gioconda"
Dessert Queen "Pear"
Financiers or tea cakes with roasted almonds
Airy carrot cake under a layer of strawberries
French macarons
Cupcake "Waiting for winter"
Cake "Opera"
Cookies with chocolate and dried cherries
Cake "Desire"
Chocolate Mantova / Sbrisolona al cioccolato
Cassata in the oven - "Сassata siciliana al forno"
Cake "Orange Sacher"
Cakes "Currant fantasy"
Basque pie
Pasta with salty caramel