What to cook with avocado

Shrimp in avocado
Salad "Festive" shrimp and avocado
Avocado salad with shrimp
Macaroni salad with shrimp
The Salad "Caribbean"
Salad-Spring tenderness
Shrimp salad and avocado
Avocado salad and shrimp with eggs
Salad with avocado and trout
Garlic pasta avocado
Salad "Royal"
Salad "Rosmarinic"
Salad with salmon, grapes, avocado and cherry
Tartlets with salted fish and avocado
Salad with avocado and shrimp
Cool avocado salad
Semi-sushi and egg-rolls
Salad with herring
Salad EBI avocado