What to cook with flour flax

Flax bread
Flaxseed fiber bread without salt
Breadsticks Flaxseed
Lemon-poppy seed muffins lean
Meatless vegan mayonnaise and nutovo-carrot cakes
Mushroom meatballs with a twist
Rye bread without yeast
Russian Christmas carols with cheese
Roll with poppy seeds, flax seeds and candied fruit
Rye lean biscotti
Useful delicious muffins with zucchini and peppers
A La the Russian pie or pie with wild rice and white meat
Fruit, rice "cheesecakes"
Bread with flax meal
Bread from flax flour
Oat muffins with cranberries
Bread with cereal grain cereals
Cream soup "Kusne"
Bean energy bars, baked in tomato sauce
Dumplings from Flaxseed meal with mushrooms