What to cook with sweet potato

Vegetable pancakes-Korean style
Sweet potato baked
Turkey with vegetables in the sleeve
Pork with sweet potatoes
Pancakes from potato, sweet potato and cheese with yogurt sauce
Orange soup
Mashed sweet potato and pumpkin
Soup from Mama Rose
Potatoes/baked sweet potato
Pancakes made with sweet potato
Muffins made with sweet potato and leek "Thimbles"
Sweet potato with three cheeses "Estival"
Red soup with peanuts "Shadows of Africa"
Chicken with olives, capers and tomatoes
Roast Ryzhikov, sweet potato and chicken
American sweet potatoes(yams) with loin
Soup "Orange mood"
Pumpkin soup with seeds and cheese toasts
Fricasse with bathtowel test
Baked yams with apples