What to cook with wild rice

Rice with seafood "Only"
Spicy "wild" rice with capsicum and pineapple
Soup "Mulligatawny"
Italian tomato and rice tart
Pilaf of wild rice with seafood
Scallops with rice "vest"
Salad "Marines"
Cupcakes " / / "
Roll "Camouflage"
Salad "bubble"
Dessert with wild rice and fruit
"the February Mix" (rice with chicken)
The saffron rice under the bean sauce
Salad of wild rice with mushrooms
Scrambled eggs with wild rice
A La the Russian pie or pie with wild rice and white meat
Salad of wild rice and seafood
Rice-almond biscuit with beetroot and cheese
Thick soup with wild rice
Wild rice with wild mushrooms "Good hunting"