What to cook with oil, rapeseed

Steak bison "Inukshuk" with lentil salad
Cabbage salad with Apple
Chocolate banana pancakes
Puffery from potatoes and kohlrabi
Vegetable porridge with oat flakes "heroic"
Dessert "Imperial nonsense" cereal
Italian frying pan with mince, vegetables and rice
Potato skillet with sausage
Pancakes buckwheat porridge with carrot juice
Pancakes with fish and carrots
Pancakes from rice flour with Apple
Cod with carrot puree and sauce "Gremolata"
Arugula salad with salmon
Soup "Holiday"
Salad "iceberg" with mushrooms
Homemade mayonnaise "Sunny beach"
Salad "Garnet bracelet"
Pies with potatoes