What to cook with jerusalem artichoke

Leucin soup
Salad of Jerusalem artichoke and apples
Souffle of ground pears
Salad "Autumn impression"
Jerusalem artichoke
"Passionate tango" with spicy minced meat and artichoke
Salad "Treasure Of Jerusalem"
Salad "Vitaminka"
Soup for diabetics
Bean soup with artichoke
Soup of Jerusalem artichoke with wild rice
Salad with Jerusalem artichoke and celery
Salad of Jerusalem artichoke
Salad with artichoke and honey ginger dressing
Mushroom ragout with artichoke and chili pepper stewed in a soy-ginger gravy
Cool jam from Jerusalem artichoke
These chocolates
Carrot salad with artichoke
Soup in a pot with artichoke and mussels
The beard of a monk on a bed of vegetables