What to cook with rowan red

Salad with ham and asparagus
Rowanberry sauce
Canned pock
Rowan jam "happiness"
Compote "Ryabinovie busy"
Juice "Apple and honey spas"
Candy "the Grapes of ash"
Pickled cucumbers with Rowan
Puff pastry with marmalade of red ash "Autumn surprise"
Infusion Ryabinovaya
Sauerkraut with cranberry, a mountain ash and apples
Vitamin and warming ginger drink
Recipe tincture of red ash
Vodka Ryabinovaya
Rowan jelly on flax "Siberian health"
The juice of Rowan
Dry Kiev jam from the plums and Rowan
Pots with rowanberry sauce under a crispy crust
Rowan tincture with apples on the moonshine
Preserving the red mountain ash