What can you cook from udon

Noodles "Udon" with chicken in Chinese style
Noodles "Udon" chicken
Fried Udon with pork
Noodles "Udon" with tofu and vegetables
Soup "tori Udon"
Noodles yaki Udon beef
Udon noodles with shrimp in teriyaki sauce
Stacked Asian soup with Udon noodles
Udon with vegetables and shitake mushrooms
Chicken hearts with Udon noodles
Soup surprise "Rich"
Soup "anime"
Udon with chicken "Taco"
Soup "Udon with oyster mushrooms"
Udon with beef and vegetables
Soup "Ramen" with duck
Vegetable Udon noodles
Udon with chicken and vegetables
Udon noodles with chicken and vegetables