What to cook with vinegar

Salad "Vitamin bomb" of cabbage and beets
Salad "Holiday"
Starter-mousse of peas and pumpkins
Rolls of the three types of flour
A wonderful carrot salad
Eateries envelopes with beef and cucumber
Salad "funny"
Herring under a fur coat in portion boats
Stuffed pepper Vegetarian
Meatballs with cherry sauce
Creamy vinaigrette
Salad of tomatoes and persimmon
Braised carrots with onion-balsamic
Medallions on a bed of onion
Jam of onion
Celery salad with tuna
Salad "chick-Myk"
Salad with persimmon and avocado
Salad "Bride"
Salad "Minimalist"