What to cook with soy milk

Lean yum-Namiki
Tofu scramble
Low-calorie muffins with rhubarb
Pumpkin pie "Sweetness of the elves"
Vegetable pasta with mussels
Colorful cookies
Tiramisu for vegans
Cherry Panna cotta from semolina
Vegetable stew with rice and beans
Bruselska rice with cabbage and Apple
Lentil cakes with salad
Lean cherry cupcake with honey
Meatless pea soup with vegetables
Lean dessert banana strawberry rice-based
Soufflé carrot
Vegan muffins with banana and raisins
Vegetable muffins with quinoa, almonds and cranberries
Vegan muffins with currants
Braids fish in soy sauce
Vegetable casserole with beans