What to cook with chickpeas flour

Onion bhaji
Fritters of chickpea flour with peas
Burfi from chickpea flour
Garbanzo bean brownies
Anellini Sicilian
Besan roti-bread with lentils on the Indian motives
Biscuits "Nuovo cherry Amaretti"
Cupcake of chickpea flour with poppy seeds
Besan Ladu
Bell pepper with chickpea flour
Bread with pea flour and onions
A cake with colored filling
Biscuits "rose"
Nuovo-citrus macaroons with rice cream
Tangerine-gram cake
Nuevo-Apple cupcake
Chicken breast with cous-cous
Lenten cakes with marmalade and Apple
Millet-buckwheat burgers
Vegetable curry with mushrooms