What to cook with halva

Layer cake "Khalvinka"
Babka with chocolate
Cake with halva and sesame seeds
Cheesecake with halva
Cake “Svetlana”
Oatmeal cookies "Eastern taste"
Creamy nut halva
A La "kata" halva
Delicious cake without the hassle
Shortcrust pie with halva
Cupcakes with halva and nuts
Candy "Truffle haluski"
Royal biscuit with almonds and halva
Vertuta of pita bread with halva and nuts
Cupcakes "Simpleton-haluski"
Medovik "Khalvinka"
Cake "Vkusnuypirogek without the hassle"
Cake "Five point"
Cupcakes "Breath of the East"
Pie "Delight"