What to cook with grape seed oil

Warm salad with chicken liver
Porridge with pumpkin and pear
Mint sea bass with mint sauce and rice (minimalist) "Marusya"
Mint soup with fresh green peas
Salad with arugula, avocado and feta "harlequin"
Pea soup "Impromptu"
Makrorus, baked in oranges
Hot salad funchoza
"Hot figure"
Salad "sticks"
Lean Apple cakes with dates
Coconut pudding
Salad of red, caustic apples and cranberry sauce
Cake "Opera mint"
Beet salad with grape seed oil
Greek cheesecakes
Appetizer "Stomach indulges and delights the eye"
Apple bread made from spelt flour "Apfelbach"
Turkey breast stuffed with apples and raisins
Meat roll "Turkey with vegetables"