What can you cook from chicory

Salad with pears and blue cheese
Chicken liver with Apple
Carrot salad with honey
Endive salad with oranges
Appetizer of chicory
Cake gingerbread
Pumps of the witloof with blue cheese
Sesame sticks from the beer test for beer
Brew homemade with lemon
Frog legs with chicory "Lacustre"
Bread "Guess"
Salad endive with ham and cheese sauce
Salad chicory, roasted with anchovy paste
Morning muffins muesli
Appetizer of caramelized pears with millet, walnuts and cheese in a leaf of chicory "the Dream of a Soldier"
Puntarelle with anchovy sauce
Lettuce salad with radicchio and oranges
Snacks with salad chicory
Rye bread every day
Salad with chicory, cheese, nuts and pear