What to cook with glucose syrup

Cake "Red love"
Cake "Mosaic"
Cake "Raspberry truffle"
Biscuits "the Egg (or box) with a surprise"
Beet sorbet with pineapple, brown sugar and green tea
Mojito cocktail from tarragon
Cake carrot "Beatrix"
Caramel cake with peanuts and chocolate
Chocolate caramel Christmas log
Cake "Chocolate Mousse"
Dessert "Strawberry"
Home champagne of black currant leaves
Cake "chocolate"
Dessert pancake bar
Dessert "Paris-Monaco-new York"
Cake "pigeon milk" with marmalade
Creamy apricot cake
Montelimar nougat
Cake "Surprise"
Cakes "Valentine"