What to cook with powder mushroom

Princess pelengas Christmas
Soup "Cappuccino"
Beef Stroganoff in mushroom sauce
Crumbly buckwheat porridge with mushrooms
Mushroom pate
Herring with mushrooms "new year's whim"
Chicken with buckwheat "the Dream mistress"
Buckwheat with eggplant in sour cream
Buckwheat a piece of wood with liver and mushrooms
Potato-mushroom cookies
Buckwheat with sauerkraut "Good meal"
Buns "Stuffed mushrooms"
Pork rolls with cheese
Hodgepodge "Mushroom Paradise"
Rice with duck in mushroom sauce
Tongue in mushroom sauce
Beef with bulgur
Mushroom fritters
Grandfather's soup with a quenelle of buckwheat