What to cook with sauce fruit

Eggplant sandwich
"Dinner for loved ones"
Pasta "reginelli" c sauce-stew
Braised pork in Apple sauce
Beef tenderloin in pomegranate sauce
Warm salad with chicken liver flambe
Beef taiga
Pie with chicken, cheese and cranberries
Stuffed pears with cranberry sauce
Baked potatoes with cranberry sauce
Rack of lamb in a nut crust with sauce from wild cranberries
Crunchy Apple pie with cranberry sauce
Meat pate with cranberry jelly
Open pie with cranberries and apples
Dessert with curd and oat crumble
Bavarian bread with cranberry sauce
Warm salad with beef
Pork podcherevok, baked in the marinade
Chicken Chinese style on a few