What to cook with berry sauce

Diet pancakes from bran liver and cranberry sauce D arbo
Potato baskets with salmon
Fruit salad with yogurt and cranberry sauce
"Cake Inspiration"
Terrine of chicken liver and cranberry sauce
Curd patties stuffed with sauce "wild cranberries"
Foie Gras with cranberry-raspberry sauce
Dessert layers
Salzburg nockerln
Light cookies with cranberries
Choux gnocchi in red sauce
Eclairs with cottage cheese-cranberry cream
A La carte salad-mousse
Terrine of foie Gras with white mushrooms
Cake and candy "Forest fantasy"
Squash-hazelnut chocolate cake with cranberry sauce
Danish bread dessert
Chicken with fruit and cranberry sauce
Pies with cranberry + Bonus Biscuits for children
Rollmops in cranberry sauce