What to cook with syrup invert

Marshmallows with their hands
Pilaf, "the Tale of Scheherazade"
Lemon ice-cream with rice
Fresh "Orange-plum-mint"
Apple-nektariny juice with mint syrup
Plum-nectarine sorbet with raspberries
Ice cream "Mint grapes"
Tomato sauce with herbs (no boiling)
Cake "Apricot fantasy"
Cake with mango mousse "Star student"
Cocktail "Tequila sunrise"
Mastic invert syrup
Chocolate muffins with strategem
Cake "Autumn sunshine"
Cake "Red and Black"
Italian national sourdough bread
Cake "Moscow"
Mousse cake "Tiramisu" mirror glaze
Cake "pigeon milk" classic
Cake "Coffee cherry"