What to cook with the juice of a freshly squeezed

Dessert "Strawberry"
Muffins with currants and cream
Baskets Banquet "Mistrulli"
Halibut with citrus sauce
Berry strata (Strata Berry)
Soft orange Cup
Orange-carrot juice with black sesame seeds
Beet yogurt
Chicken with broccoli in coconut milk with ginger and lemon
Jelly of gooseberries with beet juice
Fresh "Melon-watermelon"
Tart with lemon almond stuffing without baking
Spicy cherry tomatoes in tomato juice
Semifreddo with nuts, meringue and cherry sauce
Power Breakfast
Orange muffins with cheese-chocolate filling
Shrimp with wine and orange juice in bags
Pasta with nuts and beet juice
Bread Apple juice
Smoothies melon-cherry