What to cook with paste tahini

Truffles of white chocolate and sesame
The appetizer of beets with walnuts
Appetizer of eggplant "Baba ghanoush"
The Iraqi sandwich "Sabah"
Turkish sweetness "Newzine" / Nevzine Tatlisi
Blancmange in Oriental style
Hummus "flavour"
Chickpeas in sweet and sour sauce and tahini
Hummus with peppers and pita bread
Dessert "Let dreams come true"
Salad "Houmous"
Appetizer "Two eggplant" with yogurt and tahini
Oatmeal-date cookies
Warm salad-grilled eggplant
Rice-bean Burger with salsa original
Pumpkin salad with chickpeas and yoghurt
Casserole with sauce "Thane"
Cyprus toineeta
Pate of green peas and chickpeas
Turkish parsley dip