What to cook with puree berry

Pie "a Touch of fairy"
Strawberry ice cream
Tartlets with strawberry ganache
Dessert "bullfinches on snow"
Dessert "Strawberry cloud"
Boom juice
Strawberry Panna cotta with balsamic vinegar
Sea-buckthorn muffins for the cream cheese a la "Physalis"
Cake "Strawberry-banana-chocolate mousse"
Mini cheesecakes with raspberry jelly and mango
Cake "Crimson euphoria"
Cake "Red love"
Cheesecake "fighter"
Verrine of raspberry jelly, cream and meringue
Cake-meringue "solar stump"
Cherry glaze on a bed of prunes
Candy "Looking for a woman"
Cake "Lemon-raspberry"
Easter flower surprise
Lemon-strawberry mousse with Italian meringue