What to cook with lemon juice

Biscuits "Contrast"
Chocolate macaroons "Faces"
Christmas orange cake
Living verdure sauce
Salmon in a milk sauce with broccoli and leek potato under tiles
Tangerine lemonade
Salad with beef, cheese and pineapple
Salad with mushrooms Italian
Appetizer of herring with Apple and onion
Beet salad with pomegranate
Salad with herring or Heringssalat
Wings in the oven with sauce and croutons
Fruit ice from persimmons and apples
Caramelized orange with cream cheese frosting
Appetizer "Sushi roll"
Salad "Confetti" with chicken and mushrooms
Lemon cake
Homemade mayonnaise with olive oil
Candy made from dried fruits "Natalie"
Heck in pita bread
... ...