What to cook with parmesan

Sherry stuffed
Bucatini c stewed venison and lamb
Salad "cat DAzur"
Pasta and pesto
Stuffed conciliare sauce Marinara
Meatloaf with peppers, spinach and prosciutto
The octopus tentacles
Salad "Original"
Savoury pancakes with cheese and greens
Mini Focaccia with salami and cheese
Salad "emerald"
Beef carpaccio with baked citrus fruit
Sauce "Mornay"
Baked salmon and assorted cheese with grape leaves
Spinach muffins
Salad "Greek spring"
Cheese Prohold Balkan Focaccia with cheese
Mini pizza
Spaghetti from zucchini
Fried salmon and cheese and tomato sauce