What to cook with the sugar syrup

Pancakes with tangy, spicy liver
Light with vegetables.
Cheesecake-casserole "Bunny"
Chicken salad "Spring mood"
Salad with carrots, dried apricots and nuts
Carp in breadcrumbs in the oven
Cake "Snickers" by cracker
Tart "Heavenly cheesecake" with raspberry topping
Crispy chicken with ginger
Soup surprise "Rich"
Salad "My ruby"
Salad "Shine, Tashkent"
Soba with eggplant and chicken
Salad with carrots and mushrooms in Chinese
Salad with tofu and mushroom platter
Salad of kohlrabi for the Bunny
Apples baked with prunes and almonds
Chicken fingers in curry yogurt
Sponge cake "Strawberries and cream"
Cake "Favorite"