What to cook with pickled cucumber

Potato tartlet, "the Well"
Salad "My sunflower"
Potato tartlets "Bird's nest"
Salad "Rich"
Bean salad and chicken liver
Salad "Refinement"
With sprats canapes one bite
Salad "Coat the Kremlin"
Sandwiches with sprats, "Kaliningrad"
Pork fillet "Pocket"
Meat and potatoes "By magic"
Salad "Kitty"
Appetizer of herring fillets at home
Salad with herring and avocado
Tartlets "Potatoes-herring-pickle"
Salad with chicken and vegetables "Beauty vitamin"
Chicken salad "Autumn kaleidoscope"
The vinaigrette in the microwave
Cheese tortillas with a spicy filling