What to cook with veal

Solyanka in Georgian style
Salad with veal and grilled celery
Warm salad "Eggplant with beef"
Veal with vegetables in the oven
Meatballs with onion and Bay leaf
Beef mint-soy
Veal chorba
Pancakes stuffed with baked a La "Burum"
Braised veal roast with mushrooms
Veal "ker-u-SUS"
Beef Stroganoff
Rolls grilled veal with vegetables
Salad with beef, peppers and gherkins
Tver bigos
Dolma in provrka
The Bucco in a nice Baker
Rose veal "Osso Bucco"
Dried tenderloin teriyaki with sesame seeds
Veal with peppers and zucchini
Creamy veal