What to cook with grapes

Puff chicken with curry and pineapple
Tomatoes with grapes
Salad "Bug"
Tilapia with grape sauce
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Dessert "Eight flavors"
Fruit Ezhik
Cake "Butterfly" or "Heart for your sweetheart"
Pickled cabbage with grapes and beets
Dessert "tutti Frutti"
Salad "Emerald"
Stewed apples and grapes
Warm salad with chicken liver
Fruity marinade "Cuts"
Salad "Chicken liver in the nuts"
Salad of Chinese cabbage with grapes and cashews
Salad with salmon, grapes, avocado and cherry
Cake without sugar and flour
Rabbit leg in a creamy wine sauce with grapes
Salad "Primula" with chicken liver