What to cook with red sweet pepper

Quick Ratatouille
Duck salad and roasted pepper
Fasolada-Greek vegetable soup
Juicy Turkey in tomato sauce
Chicken baked with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce
Vegetables on the grill
Salad "Tbilisi" with chicken meat
Liver medallions with cheese and sweet peppers
Chicken salad "the Nutcracker"
Brisket "Light"
Pasta with tomato sauce and pepper
Ribs with French sauce Veloute
Stuffed pepper Vegetarian
Deviled eggs "Lights"
Squash roll with baked beans
Meat muffins with vegetables
Pangasius baked under peppery coat
Salad "Mischief"
Appetizer mousse with feta and peas
Salad "Winter freshness"