What to cook with arugula

Vegetables, fried Chinese
Salad "Temptation"
Arugula sauce
Cucumber salad, rucolla, shrimp
Pasta with arugula
Shrimp baked in green sauce
Salad "Easter"
Pasta with chicken, lemon and arugula
Egg salad with arugula
Pasta with trout, cherry tomatoes and arugula
A salad of salmon, prawns and grapefruit
Salad with arugula and cherry tomatoes
Quiche with bacon, cheese and arugula
Marinated salmon with cream sauce rurally
Salad with krill meat
Summer salad "Color mood"
Salad with arugula and dried cranberries
Arugula salad with ham and beets
Appetizer fish
Salad "Italia"