What to cook with the tangerine peel

Cake "Air"
Tangerine cupcake
Tangerine cupcake
Walnut roll
Cupcakes Winter angel
Cake with cheese
Mini-muffins of Mandarin and chamomile
Tincture of tangerine
Dessert "Tiger running around?"
Cheesecake with apricots
Pork t-bone steaks stuffed
Tangerine jam with flavor of cinnamon
Pumpkin and Mandarin soup with bread bones
Pie "Fig tree"
Pork loin roulade with Mandarin oranges on skewers
Muscovy cake with pear
The original tea with cardamom and Mandarin
Berry-fruit sauce "With love"
Poppy seed muffins "Tenderness"
Citrus ice cream with lavender